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Among us Airship Update

Among us Airship Update

Soon there will be the good news for all Among us Players who play Among us regularly and got tired of same story everyday. There is upcoming Airship update which will bring more functions and whole new map.

Besides The New Map rumors are that this will be the first big update includes new roles and stuff. Also betterment of match making system plus servers are getting update for the users because of there were too many complains but those rumors are news are not yet confirmed but possibility.

There are more rumors about this game is that there will be new roles for the users will be such as Spy, Doctor, Witch or Dogs ETC to create game more interesting for the players.

Reason for Big Update?

There is the big possibility that this update will be the biggest update of all time because of the few reasons given below.

Developers of Among us realized that the huge number of players left the game because of playing the same story and same game again and again, because there were not any big update which actually effect the game play.

Also Among us lost their streamers because the watchers had no longer interest in watching the same game. Also the servers problems was also the reason for the players to left.

Besides everything the biggest problem is still the match making system because of no ranking system also no rules of match making which makes game unbalanced.

We all are hoping this will bring the best and balanced update of Among us, and we will get all our users who left again back in our beloved Among us game.

You can always welcome to comment below telling us about your thought about this update, we would love to read them and answer.

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