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How to Play Among us on Dell

Among us is one of the best game which ever come up on year 2020 and you can play on every kind of computer with various ways, one of the frequently asked question is How to Play Among us on Dell machine.

Here is the solution, there are two option from which you can choose how you want to play, the free version or the paid one. There are minor difference between them.

The free version is totally free and you can play on computer with low graphics. For full guide of installing and gameplay CLICK HERE.

The Paid version will cost you but with good graphics and controls to check out the guide to install and gameplay CLICK HERE.

Playing Among us

In Among us there are two roles which will be given to you randomly in the start, no one knows which role has been given to you other than you. There are The Imposters and The Crew. The mission of game for The Crew is to figure out who is The Imposter and throw him out of the ship. The mission of The Imposters is to kill The Crew members without others to know that you are Imposter or they will throw you out by voting.

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