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Is Among us Dying 2021

This question has been asked thousands of time on the internet because everyone is seeing that the Players of Among us are leaving? Among us day by day. In short the players are getting decrease day by day.

Yes this is true the users are leaving Among us, and the total number of players got 50% in year 2021. There are many reasons why. Which are given below.

  1. The servers of Among us had not been updated recently which is why matchmaking is so slow.
  2. There is no Ranking system, so there is no point of winning the game.
  3. Players fed up playing the same thing again and again.
  4. There is no new update about the game, like new roles or maps.
  5. Users got bore that is why streamers are no longer streaming Among us on their channels. So it means there is no more advertisement.

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