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Substitute of Among us?

A lot of people want to know Is there any substitute of Among us? Are players are moving to another game ? did they found any substitute of Among us?

Right now there is no such substitute of Among us, Players are still playing Among us. Many of them have left Among us and moved to different game not likely Among us.

There are few point which cant be ignored. Which are given below.

  1. Servers never been updated so it was hard to find game.
  2. It is hard to play with no Ranking system which determines the difficulty level of the player.
  3. Anti Hack system which helps players to play without any hack thread.
  4. Graphics were not getting update.
  5. 0 advertisement even all the streamers left streaming Among us.
  6. There is not any support portal which can be use to fixed bug.

On the other hand this is the very big opportunity for the other developers or companies to release the better game and get millions of ready made players to their game. Now we all are waiting to fill our book of life with the historical event. Because there will be a game which will beat the Among us.

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