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Terms, Conditions and Privacy

Our Terms and Conditions are fairly easy to follow them. There are few points which you must follow when you are inside our community. These are the following points which you must follow or you will be out from our community.

  • You must respect each others.
  • Do not be resist or make fun of others.
  • It would be great if you help others with their problems.
  • Do not make fun of the developers who recently started with the developing stuff.
  • Do not post out sourced link without any reason or mismatched link.
  • Do not spam with same post many time.

How to Contact us

If you do now find your required answers you can directly ask us.

In order to report you can also write us right away with the proof, as soon as we get your email we will take action.

To contact us simply fill out the following form and send directly to us.