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Why Unity 3D is best Game Engine

There are many reasons to say that Unity 3D is the best game engine to start with, first of all Unity is the wise option to start your developing gaming career. There are few reasons are listed below.

  • Unity 3D is super easy for new developers.
  • Unity’s Community is very huge.
  • There are tons of tutorials on YouTube almost of everything you ever wanted in your game to have.
  • Unity 3D uses C# Programming Language which is highly recommended to start with.
  • Unity 3D is totally free to use.
  • Developers of Unity 3D are so active and updating new features and given more opportunities to the users every week.

Why to Choose Unity 3D

When you want to develop a game you must need a Game Engine, without having it, making game is pain, because it is so difficult to make something out of nothing. It is kinda boring and have a lot of stories like this of the developers who left early because of it was to hard to coordinates when you are seeing nothing.

So if you want to be a developer and make games you must choose a Game Engine, right now in market there are two options Unity 3D and Unreal Engine.

Unreal is so powerful but too difficult to start with you will lose all hopes on the early stages if you have previously no Programming Language and Game Engine developing experience. In short you will be lost in a wild jungle with no clue.

So this is an always wise decision to start with something easy then slowly grow up.

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